Life is Full of New Futures so use a Future Map to Help You get Their Safely

change coaching free tools Jul 04, 2018

In this post, you'll learn about how to use a Future Life Map when you are considering changes in your life. Change is certain in life, but making change happen is often difficult as we weigh up all the pros and cons for one alternative or another.

You'll be doing this all the time I'm sure but perhaps in a random and haphazard way rather than with order and some structure. That's where a Future Life Map comes into play.

You can use it whenever you want some clarity around the options you face and where you need to weigh up and judge your options.

The map addresses four key areas of your life.

  1. Work.
  2. Home/Location.
  3. Partner, Family, and Friends.
  4. Personal Growth.

The tool itself has space for you to write down answers to questions relevant to each of these categories. When you've finished the map you'll have a visual representation of the implications of the choice you are considering.

You can download a copy here. Print off a blank copy and then write down the key...

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