How Finding the Pivot Point in Your Life Changes Everything

coaching Jun 25, 2018

There are moments in life when everything crystallizes and takes shape. In a split second, something hits you and your world of thoughts suddenly transforms. 

These are the moments when you have clarity. The penny drops and you see what you need to do next.

At least that's my experience.

I'll give you an example.

One day back in the mid-2000's I had an epiphany triggered by a stack of seven different household cleaners we had stored under our kitchen sink. There they sat. One for ceramic, glass, stainless steel, grease, vinyl, wood and fabric. A weekly clean of the house included carrying this assortment around in a plastic container along with another selection of different wipes!

Cheryl and I were going through a particularly tough time in many respects. Our relationship was at an all-time low because of the pressures we'd allowed to build up in our lives. We were so focused on getting the things right on the outside, the external picture of our lives, that we missed the impact it was having on the inside.

The pressures came from all directions. Finance, work, health, family. We were juggling a seemingly perfect life and beginning to drop the balls.

We had a beautiful 17c house in an ideal location in the picture box hamlet on the Isle of Wight. We'd move there from the Cotswolds to try and live a less hectic life. LOL! And here we were even more stressed out.


Because if you don't sort out what's going on in the inside you just take it with you.

Changing environments is just a distraction. Once you settle back into a routine, your shortfalls and perspectives come creeping back into the normal zone of comfort you've been used to.

Those seven types of cleaning products were the pivot point for us. Of itself, it didn't resolve anything. There was still going to be much work to be done. But it was a moment in time where we both realised that somehow we'd gotten everything out of balance.

Did we really need so many cleaners? When so many people were homeless we were fretting over which damn cleaner to use!

Since that exact point in time, our thinking about what's important to us began to change. It didn't happen overnight but gradually through discussion after discussion, decision after decision. We finally shifted our way of thinking. 

Our pivot point had been reached and life was turning around.

On the face of it, we'd been following someone else's model for the perfect life. No doubt played out because of the expectations of our family and the communities we lived in. You are familiar with the pattern I'm sure. It goes something like this.

Go to school and work hard. Get great grades and go to a decent university. Try and get a 1st class honours degree and get a great job. Work hard to get promoted and a raise. Negotiate a better package. Maybe switch jobs and get another raise. All the time acquiring more stuff and committing yourself to more (often debt.)

A bigger house, a nicer car. Holidays abroad, children at private school, healthcare insurance, eating out, theater, entertaining friends and so on and so on.

In the end, we came to realise we were funding four brands. BMW for our two cars, John Lewis and Waitrose for our shopping and the private school the children were in at the time. And there we were, left in the middle, stressing and arguing about how to keep it all going.

We learned so much in the years it took for us to transform ourselves.

Lessons we had to learn the hard way without any support apart from each other which can make objective decision making extremely difficult.

In hindsight, if we'd have had a coach to help us through we could have redesigned our lives with much less pain much quicker and with less cost.

We now live a much simpler life void of the trappings that come from media brainwashing and the attacks of brands that spend millions on marketing strategies to persuade us we need their stuff. They all promise a better life..hey you can't be happy until you have seven different cleaners!

  • No more rat race.
  • Nor more working on another man's treadmill.
  • No more stressing over keeping up impressions.
  • No more worrying about what if this, what if that.

It's true that a cleaner life is a happier life. But it's cleansing of the inner life that's required first. Once that's been addressed you can attend to the outside world knowing that it matters less.

Now we do what we want for the joy of it, for the experience of it, for how it will make us grow and become richer on the inside, no matter how we look on the outside.

Since we bravely redesigned our lives we've been living it fuller and richer. We've spent time traveling extensively and working abroad. Living in different cultures and never having to worry about what we look like to others based on the stuff we gathered.

We've taken what we've learned about the process we went through over those years and developed a 12-week coaching program to help others.

By following the program with our support you get to transform your own life to whatever degree you want. We provide you with the shortcuts and the quick wins so that you don't have to waste time.

Life's too short.

We have designed what we wished we'd had all those years ago.

A simple, effective and proven path to redesign your life and live it fully. To find out more click here. We've got 10 places available at 95% off. So grab your place now. You owe it to yourself.





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