How to Redesign Your Life and Live it Fully

The Complete Life Coaching Program That Helps You Get Clear, Get Motivated, & Get Started on Achieving Greater Success & Happiness in Life and Work.

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Do You Ever Question Whether Everything You're Doing Is Worth All the Effort and Sacrifices?

Can you answer YES to any of the following questions?

  • Are you often exhausted and lack a zest for life?
  • Do you find yourself hating the thought of starting another week at work, or another term, or another month of targets to hit, more clients to find?
  • Do you have thoughts of just giving it all up, throwing in the towel and starting something different but don't know what or how to start?
  • Or perhaps you know the new start you'd love to begin but are too scared to make the leap?

Imagine how you would feel if you could follow a simple, proven path that led you to truly live a more fulfilling and purposeful life and rid you of toxic relationships, energy-zapping obstacles and meaningless activities.

It's Time to "Redesign Your Life and Live it Fully"

This is a carefully crafted coaching program that guides you through a 3 step process of self-discovery and growth over 90 days. In 3 months, you'll get to the heart of what's holding you back so you can reset your habits and refresh your life. We help you leave the negativity behind and connect with your joyful, re-energized self!

We help you to unshackle yourself from whatever is holding you back from a fulfilling, happy and purposeful life that you know you deserve.

We take you through our 3-step transformation process:

  1. Month 1: Discover What Makes Your Heart Sing - connect with your joy and vitality.
  2. Month 2: Spring Clean Your Life - let go of toxic relationships and energy zappers.
  3. Month 3: Design Powerful Goals and Craft Supportive Habits - to set you up for success in the years ahead!


There are 15 easy to follow lessons and exercises that deliver powerful outcomes enabling you to apply what you learn to see immediate results in any area of your life.

You receive prompt ongoing email support and regular 1:1 coaching calls to help you achieve a richer and more effective outcome as you evolve through the program.

Inside the Program

The Program is full of expert training videos, self-help exercises, guides, tools and resources to help you create a more fulfilling, happy and purposeful life whether you are employed, run your own business or are seeking new opportunities.

High Quality HD Training Videos

Watch and learn from over 15 premium, high-definition training videos that guide you every step of the way and not only explain what to do but provide the reasoning behind.

Tutorials, Guides and Practical Exercises

All the materials you will be using are much more than simple assessments or quizzes – they are specifically designed to get you to (re)think about who you are, connect with what you really want and to help you take action to move toward your new life.

Personal Coaching Support

Personal support to help you make real progress through each step of the transformation process. Get alternative objective perspectives that give you clarity and hold you accountable.

What Do You Get When You Join Us?

  • Six personal coaching calls 1:1 to give you guidance and support you through your changes
  • A personal transformation 'dashboard' to easily track and measure your progress.
  • 15 lessons that guide you through a proven-process to redesign and reinvigorate your life.
  • Over 15 high-definition training videos that guide you every step of the way.
  • Easy to follow and effective downloadable exercises and templates for you to use in your life that lead to the real change taking place.
  • Email support with your personal coach to ensure you stay engaged, help you plan your week, ask questions and stay focused.
  • A library of over 10 hand-picked inspirational, motivational and educational videos that provide additional learning when you need it.
  • Audio files to download and listen to whilst offline driving or jogging.
  • A proven process to ensure you live a better life within 3 months.

"Mark has worked with me to ensure we deliver on our Employee Engagement, Succession and Talent Management commitments. He is creative, energetic and knowledgeable in his specialist areas. Every event he delivers gets exceptional feedback."

A Proven Path to More Success, More Happiness and More Fulfillment in All Areas of Your Life

Follow the path and it will lead you to where you want to be.

Month 1: Taking Stock and Brightening Up Your Life (4 sessions)

In this first month, we'll work with you to uncover what makes your heart sing, and take the first steps to brighten up your life. Through powerful coaching exercises, we'll help you to identify ways to invest in what feeds your soul and connect what you learn about yourself with your goals.

  1. Brighten up Your Life! Based on the Wheel of Life, get a visual snapshot of how happy you are with all areas of your life. This forms the basis of the transformation you'll undertake to renew key areas of your life. We help you take steps to brighten it in any area you choose.
  2. Target Goals to Achieve - Learn abut setting effective goals that lead to results. Then identify 3 major goals to work on with your coach during this program.
  3. Take Stock and Take Action - We ask powerful questions to help you take stock of your current situation - FAST - then identify actions to get yourself moving!
  4. What Makes My Heart Sing? You will discover what makes you happiest and brings you the most joy and how easy it can be to achieve this. You will be able to remove obstacles to achieving these joys quickly to improve your overall well being and happiness.
  5. Monthly Review and Check-in - We review your month, ensure you are achieving your goals and help you refocus where necessary.

Month 2: Clearing Out the Clutter (3 sessions)

In month two we give your life a detox to eliminate the energy drains and obstacles that are getting in the way of your success, happiness and fulfilment. You'll remove the dead wood and prepare your way for the new growth that will come in the weeks ahead. You will be committing to let go of the wasteful content of your life and be prepared to take on new things ahead of you.

  1. Energy Zappers - It's hard to love your life if you feel exhausted. We help you to zero in on your energy zappers and then take action to immediately boost your energy.
  2. Letting Go Exercise - We help you to clear your mind, let go of baggage that is holding you back, draining your energy and preventing you moving forward.
  3. Detox Your Toxic Relationships! You'll become more aware of the people and relationships you have that are having a negative and toxic impact on your life and how to be intentional with who you spend your time with.
  4. Monthly Review and Check-in - We review your month, ensure you are achieving your goals and help you refocus where necessary.

Month 3: Setting up for Success (4 sessions)

In this third month, we'll set you up with healthy new habits to support your goals. You'll also be setting up your Ignite team of positive people who will support, guide, encourage and inspire you to achieve whatever you want to achieve in your life. You'll use well structured and effective goals for the next three months based on the vision you have for your life. You'll be following daily practices and long-term visioning and get the momentum you need to succeed.


  1. Daily Success Habits - Small changes to your daily routine can make BIG changes in your life and career! You'll identify 5 new daily success habits.
  2. Identify Your Ignite Team - You'll boost your energy by identifying and beginning to create a team of people who encourage, inspire and support you!
  3. 3 Month Vision Worksheet - You'll create an inspiring and motivational vision of how you want your life to be in 3 months' time.
  4. Next 3 Month Goals - Using everything you've learned about yourself in this coaching program, we help you set 7 realistic goals to achieve for the next quarter!
  5. Monthly Review and Check-in - We review your month, ensure you are achieving your goals and help you refocus where necessary.

Your Transformation Framework

In a snapshot here's the path you'll take and the support you receive.

Who Is Behind The Program?

"Nothing is as satisfying as seeing the confidence and motivation of a person grow, simply by having time invested in them. Having an experienced coach to listen on the phone or be there with email feedback and encouragement is invaluable."

Created and developed by entrepreneurs Mark and Cheryl Gregory, we are co-founders of We Teach Life Skills.

Together we have over 30 years of experience in leadership, personal development and coaching.

Coaching people at all levels from shop floor staff, to line managers, senior executives to business owners. And delivering programs to unleash the full potential in thousands of people’s lives – helping them to perform better, achieve more, and make their businesses and lives thrive.

We are born adventurers and know the sheer tenacity, passion, and persistence it takes to make big dreams work – in business or in life.

We have never been afraid to make bold choices to create the life and business of our dreams and are passionate about equipping others to do the same!

We currently split our time between the UK and Florence, Italy. Taking our expertise online has been the next step in our business journey so we can fully embrace our love of travel, culture, and reaching people anywhere in the world.


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  • Start seeing immediate results
  • 15 Session activities
  • 6 x Personal coaching calls
  • Personal progress dashboard
  • Proven transformation path
  • Videos and audio
  • Weekly motivational support
  • Email support as required
  • Downloadable resources

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is The Programme For?
  • It is for anyone who wants to improve the quality of their life, improve their work life balance or live a happier more successful and fulfilling life.

  • Do You Guarantee That I Will Achieve Success?
  • If you follow the simple, proven process that is presented in this coaching program, you will have all of the tools necessary for creating and sustaining a more fulfilling and successful life. But you have to do the work.

  • I Lack Clarity, Purpose and Meaning in My Life. How Will This Program Help?
  • The program gives you a step-by-step strategy to reveal  what you are truly passionate about and inspired to do so that you can consider creating goals around this and building it into your life so it has the meaning you're looking for.

  • What If I Have Questions?
  • Your coach is on hand to provide you support as and when you need it. If you have questions at any point you can email him or  ask questions within your dashboard.

  • How Long Do I Have Access to the Content For?
  • You have 12 months access to the content. Once you purchase the program you will be given immediate access to the first week's content and then week by week the next step will be revealed to you. We do this so that you avoid becoming overwhelmed and can focus on making changes week by week.

  • What is Your Refund Policy?
  • We allow you 14 days in which to cancel your order and ask for a refund. Please read the Terms and Conditions for this programme here.

  • Why Coaching Calls and Email Support?
  • Email support gives everyone flexibility and doesn't tie people to appointments for calls. The calls provide a richer, deeper and more effective approach to tackling issues, getting clarity, forming goals and getting inspired. And of course, being held accountable.

  • How Many Coaching Calls Are There?
  • You have two calls to schedule each month with the option to purchase further if you need them.


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